You Are Not Alone

“You are not alone” was a community service project conducted on 26.04.2019 to 04.05.2019 by Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo with the aid of Rotary Club of Colombo, North Rotary International District 3220 Sri Lanka & Maldives.

The project was carried out just after “Easter Sunday crisis”. On April 21st, Easter Sunday, a group of suicide bombers attacked 3 churches and 3 hotels around the country. This brutal attack killed 250 people and injured more than 500 others. But the affected were not only injured but also the grieving family and friends. As a result the entire country was grieving and in a state of shock. So the project “You are not alone “was created with the aim of addressing the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder and grief among people. Project was crucial in creating access to resources of the local healthcare system and directing the affected people to relevant institutes. Project is chaired by Rtr.Raveen Lekamwasam, Rtr.Dinu Horadugoda,and Rtr.Duvindu Wijesuriya.

The project planning was done just after the catastrophe. The idea was initialized by Rtr.Tushani Ranawaka and carried out by the project committee. The committee was led by Rtr.Raveen Lekamwasam who worded the posts and gave the ideas for the videos which are used to educate people.The additional information was given by several psychiatrists and other committee members and collected by Rtr.Thanuja Kotawelagedara ,Rtr.Sachith Iman and Rtr.Dinu Horadugoda. The posts and the videos were made and edited by Rtr.Sachith Munasinghe and Rtr. Duvindu Wijesooriya. The posts and videos were distributed via the official Facebook page of Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, Colombo. The posts were then shared via the other platforms of social media by the members of the club. These posts included

•        An introduction to grief and its psychological aspects

•        Steps to release grief and negativity

•        An introduction to post traumatic stress disorder

•        Health care services that would help in post-traumatic stress disorder

All these posts were translated to Sinhala language to increase the reach and understanding. The translation was done by Rtr Sachith Iman.

Following this awareness sessions many direct and indirect victims reached out to us and we directed them to National Institute of Mental Health, Sumthrayo and other psychiatric support groups active in relevant areas.

The overall project was supervised by RtrTushani Ranwaka, the president of Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.

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