“Yalpaanam” was a project focused on enhancing the bond between the Rotaract clubs of Cluster 07 in RID 3220. Yalpaanam successfully connected two ends of the country. Colombo to jaffna sharing cultures and creating new friendships. The project also promoted harmony among cultures celebrating the diversities uniting the nation.

After finalizing the project idea, a project committee was formed and each club  were given responsibilities. A WhatsApp group was also created for communication among the clubs and all updates on responsibilities assigned for each club were also posted on the group  making the planning process very easy.

We as RAC Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo had the responsibility of planning sports activities to do at Jaffna along with RAC IIT. We designed four games which needed utmost team work and good communication between the members which was one of the objectives of the projects.  On the day of the project, 6 rotaractors from the RAC Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo participated to the project. It was a really good experience since we were so stressed out with our tight academic schedules and it was indeed a stress relief.

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