Who did it better

Who did it better is a project organized by our club to distract the minds of our members who were locked down due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This was an acting challenge where our members were challenged to recreate a famous movie scene and send us the video. More than 20 submissions were received and this helped us to bring laughter not only to our members but also to all the viewers who watched those videos on social media.

Participants were allowed to select absolutely anything they like (e.g. movie clip, part of a song or a dance) and recreate it. They have added a bit of spice and given it their own twist. Rtr. Shanya Mudannayake, Rtr. Deedat safeer and Rtr. Anuki Hewawithane collected these creations and posted it on our Fb page. As the next step participants were asked to share their post on our page and click “share” and nominate 3 others.

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