Website Launch

The web site of Rotaract club of Faculty of medicine of University of Colombo was completed and was available to be accessed by the public from the 1st of November 2020.Before the launch of website, the Rotaract club was functioning with a blog, Facebook page and an Instagram page for the club’s Public Relationship purposes. The link for the club web site:

The project planning was done in July. A meeting with the Public Relations team was carried out to plan the creations of website. Due to the financial limitations of the club building the website in a paid platform was not feasible. Hence it was decided to go with a free hosting platform. From August to October the designing of the website was carried out along with the blog. The designing of the website was carried out by Rtr. Thanuja Kotawelagedara. All the articles of the previous blog were transferred to the website. The blog was managed by Rtr. Ashinsani Fernando. With the website almost ready by the end of October it was decided to show a sneak peak of the website to the members at the General meeting for October on the 30th. A sneak peak video prepared by Rtr. Afrah Niyaz was shown to the members. With the completion of the last few finishing touches the website was up and running for the public from the 1st of November 2020.

The website was created with the aim of Creating one platform to connect with the public and to reach a greater audience, To increase the effectiveness of the branding efforts of the club, To create a platform to showcase the talents of our members, To create a common platform for a medical article series to educate the public through the blog.

The project was chaired by Rtr. Thanuja Kotawelagedara. The project committee was Rtr. Ashinsani Fernando, Rtr. Deepal Safeer, Rtr. Afrah Niyas, Rtr. Shanya Mudannayake.

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