Suit up 2.0

Good professional etiquette is the foundation for career advancement and in the business world professionals with good etiquette and polite conduct are rewarded. Moreover corporate etiquette extends beyond the office. For instance when you are required to attend corporate events. It is then necessary to adhere to business etiquette to win over colleagues and counterparts and similarly people with poor conduct may miss out on Business deals.

“Suit Up 2.0” was a continuation from the first stage held in October 2020 as a joint project between the  Rotaract Club of Wellawatte and Imperial College of Business Studies. Due to the positive feedback received at the session and the large crowd that attended the session it was undoubtedly an engaging session which was indeed a value addition to all the participants. As a result, “Suit Up 2.0” was executed to bring back the wonderful corporate etiquette training with the extended partnership of Rotaract Club of Colombo  West and the Rotaract Club of UOC FOM. The reason for joining hands with two institute based clubs and Two community based clubs was to encourage diversity and to reach a diversified audience both currently serving in a corporate setting and hoping to enter the corporate experience.

The dual sessions of “Suit Up 2.0” were conducted via zoom by one of the most renowned corporate etiquette coaches, Mr. Kumar De Silva. The sessions covered the following areas:-

  • The first impression
  • Body Language
  • Handshakes- normal and COVID-19 version
  • Why do we say Ayubowan?
  • Is hugging or kissing acceptable?
  • Embarrassing personal questions
  • Excluding or cornering people with language
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Correct usage of hands or gestures when giving something to someone else
  • Office Culture
  • General salutations and greetings to colleagues
  • Addressing Colleagues
  • First name terms with the boss
  • Office gossip
  • Behaviour at office meetings
  • Making notes
  • Respecting colleagues
  • Standing gap when standing and talking
  • Types of bosses
  • Distinguishing the difference between friend and acquaintance
  • Dealing with sexual harassment
  • Treating minor staff well
  • Proper usage of toilets
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Managing elevators- social distancing
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Handling Facebook requests from customers
  • Acceptance or rejection of gifts from customers
  • Email etiquette
  • Four powerful words- Please, Thank You, Excuse Me and Sorry
  • Electronic Signature
  • Handling social media platforms
  • Etiquette to follow when working from home
  • Social meeting etiquette

As a means of encouragement a certificate was presented to the participants upon completion of the dual workshop series. Further according to the feedback received 85.7% of the respondents were satisfied with the content of the training sessions towards uplifting their professional skills whereas 71.4% were satisfied with both the sessions conducted.

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