“Read, Lead, Succeed” was a project focused on providing infrastructural, educational and motivational strength to an under developed school in the country via reconstructing the school library.

As rotaractors of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, we consider Library as a integral part of the community’s intellectual, educational, recreational, and cultural life. Since there are rotaractors representing from different areas of the country, we realize that there are students away from urban areas who struggle for the same need despite of their financial issues.

This project taken under the Goal 4 of the Sustainable Developmental Goals; ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning. A library is the focal point triggering quality education. Acquiring quality education is the root of success in one’s life.

We selected the school library in Yatigalpoththa Kanishata Vidyalaya, Galewela in Matale district. Yatigalpoththa Kanishta Vidyalaya is the nearest school for the villagers of Yatigalpoththa. It provides education to about 150 students with a teaching staff of 15. The classes from grade 1 to GCE O/L are being conducted in this school amidst many difficulties. Even though the school had been established more than 60 years ago, it still does not have a proper environment for educating the children of Yatigalpoththa village. The school is situated in a sub-urban area in a neighbourhood of middle socio-economic class, but it serves the families away from the main road who live with lot of economic difficulties. The library of the school was not functioning well. Roof and the floor were crumbled and unsafe. Environment of the library was not suitable for any reading activities.

Our objectives were;

· To develop the infrastructure of the library.

· To make the environment more student friendly.

· To arrange the books in an easy accessible manner.

· To provide good collection of reading material to access up-to-date and authentic

information on all subjects

After a tremendous effort and dedication of all the Rotaractors of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, we were able to refurbish the library of Yatigalotta Kanishta Vidyalaya fulfilling all our objectives successfully. We repaired the roof with a new ceiling, reconstructed and redecorated the floor and the walls, and donated reading materials and furniture. We were fascinated to see the neglected library transforming into an vital part of the life of the students of Yatigalpotta Kanishta Vidyalaya.

Read, Lead, Succeed was concluded drawing back smiles on the faces of innocent students of Yatigalpotta Kanishta Vidyalaya, Galewela.

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