Project – Palms for Paws

Human and dogs have shared a special bond for centuries. While we are pampering and comforting our domestic dogs with hugs and delicious foods, there are some poor dogs who live on streets suffering from many illnesses and hunger.

The project “Palms for Paws” is an initiative of the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo along with Rotaract Club of Dharan Gopa. The project is for raising awareness among humankind that street dogs are friends not trash. The Project aims to collect lovely people who are ready to give their precious time to save and feed them making a change of the society. And we try to educate people how to treat street dogs and how to take care of them by promoting love and responsibility towards stray dogs.

Project consists of three phases.

In first phase we have created an awareness posts series. These are the topics we made comic posts on

  1. What is a stray dog
  2. Causes of stray dog
  3. Problems with stray dogs
  4. Approaching a stray

There are five more posts to be uploaded twice a week.

We published them on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This made a huge attraction to the society and created a positive impact in the lives of street dogs.

In second phase we have organized four webinars. They are on

  1. Procedure of adopting a stray dog
  2. Rabies talk.
  3. Raise awareness of animal welfare issues.
  4. Psychological aspect of street dogs.

We are hopefully looking forward to starting second phase of the project while the first phase is going on.

In the third phase we have organized a volunteering day on 27th of March 2021. We are going to volunteer in the dog shelter in Kahathuduwa which is owned by Animal Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA). We hope to go there and bath them, feed them and take care of dogs who are living in the shelter.

We officially started this project on 3rd of March 2021. It will last for one month according to our time schedule. As the outcome of the project we hope people will learn to continue taking care of stray dogs without any limitation.

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