Project Book Run ‘21

Project Book Run ‘21 was born in the midst of the COVID ‘19 pandemic. With everything coming to a halt and everyone’s lives been held on pause, it was realized by many that this time can be used to reconnect with ourselves and to focus on personal development. Books have known to be reservoirs of knowledge ever since the Mesopotamian times. Books alone can carry the information and skills passed down from generations of humans of a number of proficiencies and cultures. Books can transcend time and distance telling stories of long ago and far away. 

Thus it was decided to organize a project that revolved around the 4th Sustainable Development Goal, Quality Education and the Rotary Focus Area of Basic Education and Literacy. As a joint International Services Project by the Rotaract Clubs of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo and Dharan Gopa, it would also fulfill a criteria of the twin club agreement which was in process. 

The project was conducted under two phases. Phase one was a book review challenge named “Ode to Stories”. The aim of this phase was to encourage new friendships and the hobby of reading among members of both clubs as they completed the challenge of reviewing their favorite book and tagging each other to do the same. This phase was held over the month of March.


The project all in all provided a bounty of mew experiences to all participants; those who competed in the challenge to share their take on their favorite read and those who volunteered their voice and hard work to create the series of audiobooks. In terms of outcome it was truly benefiting to both the community and those who took part.

After all as Stephen King would say “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

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