Pandemic not Panic

Covid-19 is a virus which has changed the daily routines of all our lives. While we stay in our homes all the Authorities are fighting to eradicate this Virus and save our lives.

As responsible citizens it’s our duty to help them fight this virus without making any hustle. Please corporate with the QUARANTINE PROCESS and do your part to save the world from covid-19.

1. Please stay at home during the curfew period. Do not get into groups or have gatherings.

2. If you have visited a foreign country within last two to three weeks please register yourself in the nearest police station and help the self quarantine process. [You can do this by calling your nearest police station.]

3. If you have come from a highly affected country like Italy, South Korea, Iran and etc, and evaded the quarantine process, please do corporate with Authorities and help them to keep all of us safe.

4. If you know someone who’s hiding from this quarantine process or violating these rules and regulations, you can inform the police by calling 119.

After all it’s our health. So let’s work together.

One for all and all are for one.

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