COVID 19 Everything you
need to know

Here is a collection of articles, stories and comics which give a great deal of information in a simple and attractive manner about the current pandemic situation as well as past pandemics. This booklet will be an aid in educating the general public for years to come.  

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Maathru - මාතෘ

The Maathru booklet is a guide to all expectant mothers, as well as to all women who are expecting to become pregnant, that will help them to undergo a safe pregnancy with minimal complications. The things a mother should be aware of at all stages of pregnancy, starting from the pre-conceptional stage right through to the postpartum stage, are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.


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The Next Pandemic

Pandemics. They’ve wiped out communities in days gone by, they are threatening lives and economy of today’s population, and they may only get more powerful in time to come. But what gives these microscopic pathogens the upper hand against humans even with today’s modern technology? Does modernization, in fact, provide them more opportunities to conquer us? Find out in our comic, The Next Pandemic, a creative and captivating exploration into the many ways pandemics may emerge and spread that you may never have thought of.

Voice Against Child Abuse Teacher's Guide

Identifying child abuse is essential in order to curtail it. The best agents to do this on a national scale are our teachers. With the help of experts like psychiatrists, lawyers, and other medical specialists, this book was created to reach the hands of teachers and raise their awareness on the matter. We hope this will help them intervene and rescue their students who are in need.

Sign Language Syllabus for Doctors and Medical Students

This coursebook is one of the basic steps taken to address the communication issues of the deaf community particularly in the healthcare sector. Major area of focus in this guide is the medical scenarios in order to equip future medical professionals with basic communications skills to deal with deaf patients. This would be beneficial for patients as well as undergraduate students since it depicts our core virtues Competency, Compassion and Care. This guide book and the video series attached to the course are user friendly and designed to learn sign language from scratch.


Yaaluwa - යාළුවා

ඩවුන්ස් සහලක්ෂණය ඇති දරුවන්ගේ දෙමාපියන්ට හා භාරකාරුවන්ට ඔවුන්ව රැක බලා ගන්නේ කෙසේද යන්න අපි යාළුවා පොත තුලින් සාකච්ඡා කරමු. ඔවුන් දැනගත යුතු සියළු කරුණු අපි සරලව පැහැදිලි කර ඇත්තේමු.

Keep the Sea Plastic-free

UNEP’s Head of Advocacy, Atif Butt says, “Now, more than ever, it is clear that we must work together if we are to solve the world’s greatest challenges. By teaching and learning from future generations about environmental problems, we can make great strides to beat pollution.” 

This book with through empowers children to keep the sea plastic free!

Upcoming Publications

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