Medical Myth Busters- Breast Milk

Medical Myth Buster #3

Did you know that breast milk contains more than 100 ingredients which formula milk can never supply????

ItÔÇÖs a common practice for new moms to choose formula milk over breastmilk for their little ones nutrition. But, breast milk is THE MOST suitable mode of nutrition for the baby which is proven over and over again due to multiple benefits it possess. To name a few,

­čŹ╝improves the bond between the mother and the child

­čŹ╝Provides natural immunity, so gives protection against infectious diseases.

­čŹ╝Easily digested, so prevent diarrheal diseases.

­čŹ╝Raises Childs cognitive development, so it makes your child brainier.

­čŹ╝Prevents late onset diseases such as allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Leukemia and so many more.

Also a fact not to be forgotten is its positive impacts on the mother herself such as Cancer protection!

Feed well Live well!

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