Med Career Fair 2020

The “Med Career Fair”, was an informative seminar held in collaboration with a senior lecturer from the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. Its main goal was to provide the medical students an opportunity to obtain information to plan their career once they pass from medical school. The main focus was on medical students who completed their final MBBS exam recently. The resource person Dr. Pandula Siribaddana from the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine delivered a factual account illuminating the career options a MBBS graduate can follow as per their passion and enthusiasm.

A detailed portrayal on the current trends of medical fields in demand and their fluctuations was presented with relevant statistics. The different categories for post graduate studies provided for medical graduates and the necessary requirements needed involved was the core message conveyed through this seminar. The students were briefed on the qualities and attitudes that could help them in choosing their career path as future healthcare professionals.

With the initial idea to conduct such a program for medical students, the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo was contacted and we were directed to Dr. Pandula Siribaddana, a senior Lecturer in Medical Education with whom we discussed the possibility of conducting a career guidance seminar for the benefit of medical students. The key topics for discussion at the seminar, the target audience, and the expected outcome was decided. The date and venue were decided after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. The PR campaign on social media started giving 3 weeks for those interested to register themselves for the seminar.

Short term outcomes

The participants were provided details about the postgraduate study options in such a way that

they can have a better idea about the healthcare sector.

Long term outcomes

The participants were given the opportunity to understand the requirements necessary to plan

their future as healthcare professionals. They were encouraged to pursue their medical career

by choosing fields as per their passion.


Rtr. Udara Rajapaksha


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