Kynsey Quest

It was an exhilarating afternoon, climbing back on the memory tree of our Alma mater and competing intensely for the ultimate treasures! Our very own online scavenger hunt became a grand success due to the contributions of many individuals, who lent their time to this event generously.

“Kynsey Quest”, organized by the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo was a club service project which was successfully held on 12 July, 2020. The project, which was a virtual scavenger hunt kick-started with an ice-breaker session. With over 100 registrants this event was a huge success. The participants took part in the event in 12 teams created by the organizing committee.

The necessity of an event for increasing the interactions between Rotaractors themselves and other non-Rotaractors in the Faculty of Medicine, was the driving force behind organizing this event. We had been away from the faculty for more than 3 months due to the corona pandemic and the event was organized also with the intent of getting everyone together on a “virtual faculty”.

 How we planed

The project planning was initiated at the end of June. First, we decided on the rounds for the quest. Nine rounds were selected by the organizing committee. The committee members divided among themselves to organize the rounds in small groups. There were 3 members in each group and organizers were given the chance to join a group according to their interests.

A magical story based on our faculty was designed as the backstory. An Ice-breaker session was added aiming to improve the interactions among group members.

A mock “Kynsey Quest” for the board members held on the 8th of July 2020, 5 days prior to the event, with participation of the members of the Rotaract board, was organized with the aim of clearing up any possible hiccups during the course of the quest. An ice breaker session was organized for the participants before the actual event in order to help increase the interaction and familiarity of the group mates before the actual quest began. This was also tested in the mock round. It was a fun experience for the members of the board and gave them a clear idea about the event. Everybody enjoyed the the mock rounds a lot. At the end of the mock round, feedback was taken from all the participants and the final touches were added to the rounds based on them.

The facilitators and the marking panel were selected. Most of our board members volunteered to become a facilitator for the Kynsey Quest event. They were informed about all the rounds briefly by the organizers via a Zoom meeting and all the details were uploaded to a google drive for the reference of the facilitators.

In the meantime, the Public Relations campaign was started. A Facebook event was created mentioning the date, time and the registration link. Series of posts were shared on the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The posts included attractive photos of batch-mates who were dressed up as hunters to encourage participation. This was very attractive. An E-invitations were sent to all the batches of the faculty. A registration form was put so that interested people can register.

The registrants were divided into teams on 11th of July. The facilitators added them to their groups and informed them about the required online platforms. The committee came up with a voting system for the meme round and a photo frame to be used at the end of the quest in which we put their group photos beforehand.

On the day of Kynsey Quest

The scavenger hunt started at 3.00 pm on the 12th of July. All the participants were asked to join via zoom for the scavenger hunt according to their assigned groups at 2.30 p.m. They were given a chance to introduce themselves to the other members of the group and an ice-breaker session was held before the commencement of the scavenger hunt. It consisted of few games chosen to enhance the interactivity between the group members.

The scavenger hunt consisted of 9 rounds of games; a cipher, a crossword puzzle, pictionary, a music round, an Instagram maze called “the haunted house”, a meme round, MFC riddles and riddles on household items. Each round led to the discovery of a treasure related to our very own faculty. The inclusion of the faculty’s history, culture and timely games, such as the meme round added a great degree of colour and excitement to the event.

After the long holiday a student entered the faculty to find a glistening notice board with a cipher. Round 1 was solving the cipher to find the venue. This cipher was absolutely mind-blowing. The cipher of the previous round directed them to the “Anatomy block”, the legendary beautiful building of our faculty. The students entered the old anatomy lecture hall and got locked inside with the other team members. Suddenly their clocks started ticking, and once everything was calm, a mechanical voice welcomed them to 2170. They had entered a new time in another world. The team went to the canteen. They were welcomed by two cats wearing a tuxedo, who asked them to solve the puzzle stuck under the canteen table using the clues hidden in the bottom of the plain-tea cups. In this round, the teams solved the crossword puzzle, which was based on the culture, events and building of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.

Then they peeked into the TV room to find that everything was upside down. Once they switched on the television, they found the next round, Pictionary. This round was about solving the Pictionary drawn based on movies. Next, they found a hidden door in a corner. There was a riddle attached to the padlock of the door. The riddle round was about solving the riddle to open the mysterious door. When they entered the room, they found a large music room with a magically playing orchestra. The instruments were playing by themselves. In the music round teams had to identify the different theme songs taken from TV series which were telecasted when we were young.

Then the group peeked into the forensics department and found a haunted mansion. They had to find clues in each room and move around the rooms of the house. This was an Instagram maze designed. Then the team entered our new, beautiful amphitheater to meet SpongeBob who directed them to the next round, the meme round. In this round, the teams were given a few clips taken from very popular tv series. Team members were expected to make memes in given templates after watching the clips. This was an interesting round; the winners were selected by the vote of board members.

Next round was MFC riddles. Team members had to answer a set of MCQs. They were designed based on the historic events of the faculty as well as some fun facts and common knowledge about the faculty. Once they finished their adventure and came back to their own world, the team members were expected to find some items in their households to throw a party to celebrate the victory. In this round riddle were based on different household items. Once they solved the riddles, team members had to collect as many items as they could and take a selfie with the items. All the selfies were made into a photo collage.

At the end of the Kynsey Quest, the photo collages of all the teams were posted, embedded in our very own frame, on Instagram. All the memes designed by the groups were also posted. The winning team was announced and published via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Also, from round 2- 7 other than completing the rounds teams had to identify the treasures which were hidden in the rounds. They were guided by small verses in each round. The limited time allowance in each round made the event more competitive and fun and increased the interaction among members. All the members actively participated in a virtual platform in all the rounds to win. The winning team was chosen from the cumulative marks of the rounds and they were given a small prize. The winners of the meme round were selected by the vote of board members of the Rotaract Club, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. All the teams were presented with a collage framed with the Kynsey Quest logo which consisted of photos of members of the team.

While having the experience of an amusing scavenger hunt on an online platform the participants were having fun, interacting with Rotaractors and other members of the team from different batches and making bonds among them. This was a perfect opportunity to hone the skills of time management and to learn the value of team spirit. The board members of Rotaract club of Faculty of Medicine enjoyed the quest and it helped to familiarize and strengthen the bond between board members.

We were able to introduce the Rotaract club to other people of the Faculty of Medicine who are unfamiliar with it using Kynsey Quest and hope this will increase the number of active rotaractors in the future.

A massive thank-you goes out to everyone who turned the lockdown to a much livelier and memorable one! Kudos to the team behind ‘Kynsey Quest’ headed by Rtr. Devni Nisansa. The organizers, of course should be reminded with utmost gratitude for organizing the event graciously in an unfamiliar medium. There were many other individuals who were not in the organizing committee, but spent much of their time for the Kynsey Quest. A very special thank you to all of them too!

The winning team, Team Jumanji the winner of the meme round, Kynsey Krawlers and all other participants, amounting more than 70, should be commended and lavishly thanked, for without them, this event wouldn’t have materialized.

And a special thanking is due for the batch representatives, the MFSU and MSWS for assisting us to usher participants for our event. Hope the Kynsey Quest brought out some laughter and fun from everyone! Cheers!

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