Know Your Avenue

Know Your Avenue

“Look before you leap. So long as in the end, you leap” – Grigor Andolov

Beginning of a new Rotaract year is always exciting as it means that new members enrol themselves with the club. One of the main objectives of our club this year was to build a solid membership base, giving the members plenty of opportunities not just to participate, but also to get involved with organizing and chairing projects. Therefore all the new members were recruited after an interview session. During these small interview sessions conducted by the Membership team with the participation of Executive and Director board members to recruit new members for the club, it was understood that members lacked knowledge about the Rotary foundation, Rotaract movement and the avenues.

Therefore a new idea was brought up by the membership team, to introduce the backgrounds of Rotary International, Rotaract District and the District Steering Committee and our club along with the avenues. It was discussed within the team on what should be included in each session so that the members get the necessary information and will join to function within the club as a family. As the members were divided among the avenues based on their preference expressed at the interview, it was decided to focus more on their selected avenue, and to have different sessions for each avenue highlighting the importance.

A draft of the idea was presented at the Director board meeting which was approved by the others. Task of introducing Rotary, Rotaract, District Committee and our Rotaract club was taken up by the Membership team which consists of the Sergeant at Arms and the Director of Membership. Vice Presidents and the Directors of each avenue were given the task of describing their avenue and projects. It was decided that future project ideas should also be explained to the members so that they can be improved based on the ideas given by members as well as get them to volunteer and chair such projects, thus giving them the proper experience of Rotaract.

It was decided that all the sessions should be conducted within the month of November. Dates were decided with the help of Vice Presidents in charge of each avenue.

The sessions went as planned and the Rotary foundation, Rotaract and the District Steering Committee, Our Club and the Executive and Director Boards were introduced along with the structure of the club. Then each avenue was explained at the relevant session which included not only the details of projects completed so far but also the future plans of the club.

Thus concluded the project “Know your avenue”, with the members enlightened about everything Rotaract !

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