Giving is Caring

Giving is Caring was a project organized under the Community Services Avenue of the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo aiming to supply lunch for every child in the children’s home and spend some quality time with children on 10st of December 2018 at the Lawris children’s Home. This was the first and foremost project we did as a newly formed Rotaract club.

Project planning: Initially a discussion took place at our faculty common room with our very own rotaractors regarding the project. Then on 1st of December 2018 we went to meet the Matron of the children’s home and discuss how we can help these children
We could spoke with the Matron of the children home and booked 10th of December to supply lunch for each and every child in the children’s home. We were able to provide money to buy the necessary foods, vegetables and fruits to their meal.

On 10th of December 10 our members went to the children’s home and helped in serving food to the children and spent some fabulous musical time with them where the children joined us for a sing alone.

The project was chaired by Rtr Thilina Munasinghe and as the organizing committee, Rtr Jeewantha, Rtr Tushani Ranawaka, Rtr Amila Viduranga, Rtr Duvindu Wijesuriya, Rtr Dinu Horadugoda, Rtr Demintha Karunarathne, Rtr Iman Tharuka, Rtr Sachith Munasinghe, Rtr Akhila Nilaweera and Rtr Nafees Disthy worked tirelessly did a tremendous job by Supplying food and serving the meal to ensure the project was successfully executed.

photographs (Children were not allowed be Photographed due to regualations of Child Protection authority)

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