Digital Detox

As the Rotaract club of Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo, we initiated a project called Digital Detox -healthy eyes and posture for a better digital life. This project is categorized under the Community service Avenue, rotary focus areas of education and disease prevention. Kusala Fernando was the project chair.

We started our project on the 3rd of March and completed on 19th of March. Our project had two phases where 1st phase consisted of educating school and university students regarding what is digital eye strain and what is proper posture via Facebook and WhatsApp posts and the second phase consisted of a webinar which was held on the 19th of March with the participation of more than 150 participants. The webinar was conducted via zoom and live-streamed through FaceBook. Prof.Madhuwanthi Dissanayake and Cinthuja Pathmanathan participated as guest speakers.

Participants were educated regarding what is digital eye strain, What should be done to reduce the digital eye strain, What is proper posture, and importance of maintaining proper posture during digital device use, and how these adaptations would influence their academic performances. This webinar got a very positive feedback from participants where they expressed their heartiest gratitude regarding the webinar by filling the feedback form.

Memories from the webinar

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