Community service Team

The community starts from here. It’s not just you and me; it is the prosperity of each and everyone. We, Rotaractors, are there to make a better place for all of us through our community service.

The Crew

Our Community Service Team


Rtr. Afrah



Rtr. Minura


Supuni Lamahewage- VP com serve

Rtr. Supuni

Vice President – Community Service

AKASH Widanapathirana

Rtr. Akash

Director of Community Service

Jayan Janindu - Director of Com Services.png

Rtr. Jayan

Director of Community Service

Hasini Singhakumara-Director of education

Rtr. Hasini

Director of Education

Sankalani De Silva - Director of Special Projects

Rtr. Sankalani

Director of Special Projects

Gnanachelvam Kiruthikan

Rtr. Kiruthikan

Director of Environment


Rotary Definition – “Opportunity all clubs have, to implement club projects and activities that improve life in our local
In simple Terms – An avenue where tasks are undertaken that would result in the upliftment of the outer community
involved with Rotary and Rotaract.

Uplifting the standard of the community through sustainable initiatives.

Serving the society to increase the standards in the fields of education, environment, mental health and equality by
undertaking sustainable projects in said focus areas that would be completed within an adequate time frame.

● Serving the community covering Rotary six areas of focus.
● Create the image of Rotaract in the community through service projects.
● Exposing Rotaractors to local communities who are in need (socially, medically, economically, or otherwise).
● Helping Rotaractors realize that they can make a difference and give them the tools to do so
● Developing awareness and a better understanding of communities
● Developing a community of caring and socially responsible Rotaractors





From child abuse to flattening the curve, We do our part, our community we serve