Club Service Team

A strong club can achieve anything with its teamwork and collaboration. To serve the people in its best way, the quality of our members matter highly. Our club service team is there to uplift the success of our own members.

The Crew

Our Club Service Team





Rtr. Minura


Devni Nisansa

Rtr. Devni

Vice President – Club Service

Hasindu Arumapperuma

Rtr. Hasindu

Director of Club Service

Monasha Indumini Alawala - director of CS

Rtr. Monasha

Director of Club service

Thalal Thariq - Director of sports and recreation

Rtr. Thalal

Director of Sports and Recreation


Club Service avenue is focused on strengthening fellowship and ensures the smooth functioning of a Club or a Committee by strengthening the below mentioned components of a club.
• Club/Committee administration
• Membership
• Public relations – Communication
• Service projects
• Rotary-Interact Coordination
Furthermore, according to the Recommended Rotaract Club Bylaws of Rotary International, “This committee shall be responsible for tracking attendance, developing, membership, promoting activities, coordinating public relations, and other matters as appropriate.”

“Building effectively functioning Clubs while encouraging them to carry out impactful initiatives.”

• Get along with the Clubs / Committee members and carry out initiatives while enjoying and making memories with them.
• Initiate a better relationship among the neighbouring Clubs / Committees and strive to make a difference as One Rotaract Family.
• Implement initiatives related to the Rotaract focused avenues and Rotary Focus Areas which are impactful to the society as well as to the members of the movement by living up to the theme of the Rotaract year 2020-21, Strive as One.

To reach the vision of the Club Service avenue successfully, the Rotaract District Steering Committee believes in the 4C Concept stated below.

In the scope of Club Service, “Connecting” is an essential term to be used whereas the Club Service Director in a club should be the main individual that is responsible to look into the following:
● To connect the members within the club to work together while maintaining the essence of meaningful fellowship.
● Obtain new connections by going beyond the club, to extend and strengthen the bonds of fellowship.
Devising a proper strategy of connecting would fulfil the need of proper coordination, and it includes:
● The Club Service Director/s must properly plan out the initiatives that should be carried out in order to ensure proper coordination within the club members as well as the other clubs.
● Should come up with a well laid-out strategy to increase the membership engagement during the off-peak season of the year (December, towards the end of Rotary Year) to make sure the club’s momentum is maintained at a constant level.
● Having a basic idea about the interests of the members in order to obtain more knowledge as to what the club needs to initiate forward.
Communication is a key tool when it comes to Club Service as it helps to fill the gap when interacting with people.
● Maintaining a personal level of communication with every member of the club would be vital to sustain an effective bond throughout the year.
● Making sure the members in the club are also maintaining a similar personal interaction with each other while taking it beyond the club level.
As Rotaractors, we should always deviate our way from conflicts and work together as one communal family. Yet, it is the duty of the Club Service Director to have a proper conflict resolution plan in place.
● Should keep track of the status of each member in terms of conflict within and beyond the club level.
● Club Service Director/s must possess the ability to understand the severity of the situation and should be capacitated to mediate the conflict.
● Execute and implement a proper strategy/procedure to mediate any form of conflicts.
● Being precautious and maintaining a proper mode of communication continuously to avoid and mitigate conflicts.





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