Charter Day 2020

Since the establishment of Rotaract club of faculty of medicine in 2018  we have marched forward with many memories to cherish. So to celebrate our third charter day we organized the ‘Charter day celebration’ on 31st of December 2020.  The event was held on online platform going with the new normal. This was done as a project by Club service team which was chaired by Rtr. Charuka Deshapriya. 

We had a great organizing team. Posts were made by public relations team and these post were uploaded and shared in social media.Invitations were sent to past presidents and club members beforehand. Since it’s December we organized an ice breaker to guess the Christmas carols played. Participants enjoyed that. We also had a quiz regarding past projects and club details. Club service team played a huge role in preparing the quiz. 

Event started at 4pm. There were about 30 participants for the event. Event was soothed by the presence of past presidents and club members. The event was decorated with two music items. The speeches of past presidents and current president add some color to the event. Many recalled the projects and fond memories they had in previous years. Then the quiz started. It was held through online quiz platform and I must say it was really competitive. Finally the winners were selected. We had really a good time talking about the past experiences and the journey this club has marched.

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