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Medical Myth Busters- Polio

Medical myth busters #4 We have almost eradicated Polio from the world by immunizing our children against it. Immunization gives active or passive immunity to your child against infectious diseases. It’s not the same as injecting your child with the disease, but it’s basically giving the protection against them. It’s very important to eradicate some …

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Medical Myth Busters- Eat healthy Stay healthy

Medical Myth Buster #2 Some people believe that having multiple vitamin supplements cover up for having poor dietary practices. The ill side to this is that they fail to see the associated side effects and the adverse effects of vitamins supplements aside their benefits. EAT HEALTHY STAY HEALTHY❤️

Medical Myth Busters- Antibiotics

Medical Myth Busters!! Hello everyone👋🏼😊, It’s a growing concern that the current society is being plagued with numerous myths related to medicine. Well, it’s quite unfortunate that so many people get into the wrong track to face unfavorable consequences believing them myths. So here we are with our humble attempt as both Rotaractors and also …

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Back to the Future

*ATTENTION EVERYONE TIME CAPSULE ALERT🚨* Are you ready to travel to 2044 with us? “Back to the future”, a time capsule, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rotaract movement in Sri Lanka along with the 150th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo. Now you can send your predictions of WHAT WILL BE …

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